A Suitable Housewarming Present for Your Friends

Moving into a new house is one of the most important things that happen to people when they struggle to have a home of their own. People love to share this special moment with their special friends that are close to their hearts at the time of their social gathering. For those people who get chosen to attend such an event, they have to make sure that they get them a special housewarming present that would make a lasting impact. most people tend to choose something that their friends could use in their homes like a vase, tray, tabletop, decorative pillows, and many other choices that are available in online shops.

Such gifts have to be considered with deep thought because some people react a certain way to different things. It is best to understand the mindset of the friends who are moving into their new home. It is best to target the things that they do not have, and wish to buy but haven’t really got around to yet. This is one of the master techniques that always works on people, and gives them a special surprise when they open their present. Giving special thought into your gift goes a long way, and the bond of friendship tends to last for a long time.

A Housewarming Present can be given in the form of a gift basket that could contain more than one gift for the couple if you are feeling a bit generous and want to make a good impression. Sometimes is it good to walk different from the crowd, and get such gifts that are unorthodox to make a unique impression. Many people tend to bring expensive vintage wine bottles to show their class, and share a rare treat with their friends. There are some who prefer to break the mold and bring something a bit different as a gift like a garden stool or decorative bowls that would go along with the furnishings. The choices available in the world are almost limitless which only depends on the ability of the human mind to bring their ideas into reality.

There are many limited edition items that are sold online, that generally get sold off very quickly. This is the reason that it is necessary to keep an eye out for something rare that comes around once in a while. You may never know what fate might bring into you lap.

Presentation Tips From an Expert

Have you ever felt you needed a ‘booster shot’ of confidence for that important business presentation coming up? Or perhaps, you’d like a quick ‘refresher’ of some proven success strategies to get you off on the right track?

As a full-time speaker and presentation skill instructor, I’ve often been asked at parties and social gatherings “What tips would you suggest for an upcoming presentation I have?”

Here are 4 Quick Tips that I’ve shared more than once in the past with individuals at social gatherings:

  1. Focus on your Audience Not on Yourself! Take the heat off of yourself. The AUDIENCE & the MESSAGE are what is most important.
  2. Be Crystal Clear about your message! If you had to summarize the main point of your talk in one sentence, what would it be? I know it seems like a challenge but it’s critical. Your Audience does it all the time – with or without your help. Wouldn’t you like ‘their sentence’ to match ‘your sentence’?
  3. BE CONVINCED that your message will benefit the audience! They either WANT to know this, NEED to know this, or your message is somehow going to BENEFIT THEM. If you’re not sure that the message has value, what could you add to insure that it does? Confidence in the message and its value translates into speaker confidence. MORE VALUE FOR THE AUDIENCE = MORE CONFIDENCE FOR YOU! It’s a simple equation that works.
  4. Explain the numbers!… Especially if you are a technical or financial speaker. Don’t just report the numbers, explain what they mean. Is a 20% increase a good thing or a poor showing? Is $50K a high number or a low number relative to your context? Also, PAINT WORD PICTURES. It will help your Audience really grasp the significance of your data. For example, if I simply made a factual statement that 25,000 American men died annually of prostate cancer, almost everyone would say they ‘understood’ the information. But, simple understanding is NEVER the entire goal. We want people to REMEMBER what we say and TAKE ACTION on the information they receive. What if I could explain the same number in a way that connected at a deeper level of understanding?… one that would help the audience retain the information, or, perhaps, even motivate them to take action?

“Imagine a jumbo jet with 500 passengers crashing into the side of a mountain. The following week another plane crashes, with no survivors. The third week, another… for 52 weeks in a row! How many weeks would it take before we were all ‘up in arms’ demanding that the aviation industry do something to fix this? Yet, that is how many American men die each year from Prostate Cancer – a curable disease.”

Don’t just tell the numbers, find ways to explain the numbers and your audience will listen, understand and, perhaps, actually remember long enough to take action. Now, there is a GOAL worth having!

So the next time you are reflecting on your own upcoming presentation, pretend we just met last night at a party and chatted. Take a deep breath and relax knowing that any one of these tips can help you deliver your presentation with more confidence knowing that you are providing VALUE to your audience.

Better Presentation Skills – Don’t Care Too Much About What Happens!

Caring about your audience and how you do as a speaker is a good thing. If you don’t care about what you do, how well you do it, or what the audience takes away from it then you are just apathetic and probably shouldn’t be speaking to this group.

However, caring too much can be just as bad as not caring enough. By caring too much you actually reduce your ability to perform well. It sounds ironic, but the more importance you put on succeeding, the less likely you are to succeed.

Caring too much is the number one reason people feel nervous before they speak. There are many reasons you can care too much: you are afraid of being embarrassed, the speech is important to your career so you want to do well, you think the audience is hostile, etc.

Allowing these nerves in makes it very hard for you to perform your best. It is hard to speak naturally when you are freaking out!

This happened to me in my early speaker days, during one of my first “big” speeches. I walked in to the event with my speech prepared. However, before my speech I spoke with several of the attendees. I found out that the year before that had a world champion boxer as their speaker. Here I was, this young guy going to do this little comedy speech, when they were used to speakers who had been on the world stage! “There is no way they are going to like my stuff,” I thought.

On top of that, I started discovering that a lot of these people were very successful. Way more successful than me. Also, this was my first “big” speech and I wanted to do really well so I could get referrals and follow up business. I was counting on it.

I got up to speak, but it was too late. I cared too much, and psyched myself out. The speech was OK (they didn’t ask for their money back or anything) but I got zero referrals or follow up. Nada. Zilch.

I realized afterward that the problem was that I put too much importance on what the audience would think. I wanted to do a great job and give great value to the audience, but I realized that all I could do was worry about doing my best, and if they didn’t like it, too bad.

Now, whenever I start to get nervous about a speaking engagement, or anything else for that matter, I remind myself to do my best and not care so much about what the audience thinks. When I do this, my nerves immediately calm and I am able to perform much better. I encourage you to try this before your next presentation.